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Vehicle Wrapping Kent

South East Tinting caters not just for car windows but the exterior too, making it easier for you to customise your car based on whatever your prefrences you have. Working throughout Kent, we can completely transform your car and give it a new, clean and fresh feel. 

Vehicle wrapping is when a high quality layer of film is applied over the vehicle and is used if you want to change the colour or finish of your car. This isn't a permanent procedure and is more affordable than a costly paint job. If you decide you want a change, wrapping can be removed. You can choose to wrap the whole car or just certain areas such as the bonnet and roof.

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There are a few good reasons why vehicle wrapping might be an option for your car.

Advertising - You can personalise company vehicles making them stand out from the crowd, we can add your logo and details. This is a great way to advertise your product or services to the public.

Protection - You can protect your vehicles paintwork as the film can act as a protective outer layer and can prevent scratches and chips in the paintwork.

Variety - There are a range of different options to choose from to suit the look you want from including different colours and finishes, for example chrome, metallic or matt. 

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