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Providing a protective layer against chips and environmental damage in Seven Oaks!

Paint Protection Film, Seven Oaks

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Paint Protection Film Seven Oaks Kent

PPF is a paint protection film, this is a hard wearing and long lasting layer of film that can be applied to your vehicle to protect the paintwork from damage including scratches and chips. At South East Tinting we aim to provide a high standard of product that is a cost effective solution and will help preserve the paintwork from environmental damage and abrasions. We offer our services throughout Seven Oaks.

The process involves decontaminating your vehicle by removing all traces of oil, grease and dirt. The vehicle can then be inspected and a specially designed film is applied and fitted and then adjusted until the fit is perfect. The paint protection film is installed and checked by quality control and then cleaned before your car returns to you. The method used is quick and convenient, self-healing and can easily be replaced.

We offer a range of finishes from matt to high gloss so your car can be protected and have the polished look!

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Paint protection film <strong>Seven Oaks</strong> <strong>Kent</strong>
Paint protection film <strong>Seven Oaks</strong> <strong>Kent</strong>

Benefits of pain protection film Seven Oaks

The main benefit of PPF (Paint Protection Film) is that it is used to protect your cars exterior against various destructive agents such as damage caused by the environment. It helps to maintain your cars appearance and protect the surface from climate change, bugs, chemicals or stones/dirt from the road. Harmful rays can too whither the paint and age it over time. The paintwork is vulnerable to these factors and a protective film can help to contribute towards a cars value.

The actual film is invisible and enhances the overall look of the cars exterior, you can wash and clean your car in same way as you did before. There are no side effects with using the protective film and it can be removed.

Lastly, this is a very cost effective way to protect your car and can save you money in the long run from repairing any damage caused to the paintwork.

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